Effective Time Management Tools

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Time management means planning, organising and dividing one’s time between different activities. Effective time management means working smarter and not harder, as the idea is to become more productive and complete more tasks throughout the day. Poor time management, on the other hand, mostly leads to a lot of stress. To help managers out, here are some of the most recommended time management tools today. 

Best Time Management Tools for Managers

To effectively manage one’s time, it’s important to accurately determine how long it takes to perform certain activities. Managers and employees who plan their days well and adhere to schedule tend to accomplish more without burning themselves out. Here are some time management tools, software, and apps that can managers help achieve that.

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ATracker is one of the few time management tools that are fairly easy to use and set up. Users will see the list of tasks that they have created on the app’s main screen, giving them an overview of how their day will be spent.

The tasks can be viewed from the app either in list or calendar view. To modify an entry, simply tap on it. These tasks may be converted into iCal entries and vice versa. It’s also possible to compare iCal and Atracker entries and other planned activities side-by-side.

Each task comes with a timer and a simple tap will activate it. Unique tasks can be created by either naming it or choosing an icon. This app comes with a simple, easy-to-use user interface, which is an advantage. 

ATracker doesn’t just help users keep track of their time, but it also creates reports in bar and pie charts, which can be shared via social media or sent through email. It is also possible to download all data in a CSV format.


RescueTime is a powerful time tracking software that can also help in blocking distractions. It comes with a lot of tools that boost productivity, such as an automatic time tracking feature that when activated, disables manual entry. The timer will automatically start recording how much time you’re spending on a particular app, website or document.

This software also comes with detailed reports, insights and trends that allow users to get insightful reports. Users will know exactly where they have spent most of their time and identify what’s keeping them from being productive.

With the software’s powerful reporting feature, this is among the time management tools that users will love using because will have a good idea of what their working habits are. The tool makes it easier to address productivity blockers, set new goals and track one’s progress. 

RescueTime also offers offline time tracking. This feature is useful for people who are always on the go or not always online. Aside from offline time tracking, it also has a FocusTime feature, which is great for those who are following the Pomodoro time management technique.

This software can be integrated with other apps, like Google Calendar and Slack, where one’s status is automatically updated. Integrating RescueTime with your favourite apps makes it twice as useful.

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Toggl is a simple time tracking software that comes with powerful reporting features. This app is used to boost the team’s productivity through its robust features like one-click timers and tracking reminders.

Like most time management tools, this one can also be integrated into different software for easy access. Upon installation, the Toggle Button will appear, allowing users to track time immediately. Reports may be exported into CSV, Excel or PDF formats. 

Employees can see the progress of a project on the dashboard. The tool also compares the actual time spent on the task against its estimated time of completion. This makes it easier for employees to make the necessary adjustments to meet their goal. The software also comes with a billing feature, which can be used by remote employees who are paid by the hour.


Jibble is a free time clock app made for managers to track the activities of their staff. This tool is generally used for compliance, attendance and payroll. The app tracks time accurately and has added useful features such as timestamps, geolocation and facial recognition.

Jibble makes manual timesheets a thing of the past. It also automatically generates reports, which can be used for future planning and goal-setting. It works from any device and with different web and mobile applications, including MS Teams and Slack.


DeskTime is a useful tool designed to help employees manage their time effectively. It claims to boost a team’s productivity level by 30% by identifying and eliminating unproductive habits. Managers may use this tool to stay in control and track the progress of a project. 

Desktime eliminates the need for manual timesheets and won’t require manual entries either, as it functions as soon as employees open their computers. It also comes with URL, document and app tracking features, which allow managers to detect and correct unproductive tasks and work habits.

Desktime can track the progress of a project automatically, giving managers real-time reports so they’ll have an idea as to when it can be completed. Managers may use the data obtained from past similar projects as a basis for making near-accurate estimates. 

The software also comes with a Pomodoro timer that reminds employees to pause and take a short break after 50 to 90 minutes of working to avoid getting burnt out. Additionally, it includes a private time option that can be used for tasks that are not related to work.

Managers may also use this software to monitor their employee’s work schedules and time offs. With the app, managers can create more efficient shifts without worrying about overstaffing or understaffing. Consequently, employees may use the app to show the reason why they’re not at work, eliminating the need to ask about their whereabouts.


Managing one’s time effectively is the first step to success because time well spent creates a positive impact on one’s work. Employees who know how to take full control of their time every single day tend to get more things done. Since these employees know how to prioritise, they’ll be able to make better decisions for themselves and for the rest of the team. Use any one of these time management tools and be on top of your daily schedule.