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Best One-on-One Meeting Tools and Resources
ProFlow Learning Centre, 15 hours ago |
Regular one-on-one meetings with direct reports are great opportunities for managers to build employee relationships while getting informed. These 1:1...
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Employee Engagement Tools for Managers
ProFlow Learning Centre, 3 days ago |
Companies are encouraged to implement and use employee engagement tools and strategies to create a positive working environment. Doing so encourages e...
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Effective Time Management Tools
ProFlow Learning Centre, 8 days ago |
Time management means planning, organising and dividing one’s time between different activities. Effective time management means working smarter and...
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Recommended Workplace Goal Setting Tools and Apps
ProFlow Learning Centre, 10 days ago |
Setting workplace goals is not always easy. Workplace goals must be aligned with the company’s mission, and every employee should be held accountabl...
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Best Project and Task Management Tools
ProFlow Learning Centre, 15 days ago |
Task management is the process of planning and executing tasks. It helps teams in tracking the progress of a project by prioritising, assigning and se...
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How to Deliver Effective Performance Reviews
ProFlow Learning Centre, 17 days ago |
Employee performance appraisals are important for most types of organisations. However, the delivery of effective performance reviews depends on the m...
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Employee Self-Appraisal Questions that Boost Productivity
ProFlow Learning Centre, 22 days ago |
Many experts recommend the use of employee self-appraisal questions and include them in the company's performance management process. These self-evalu...
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Staff Performance Appraisal: A Guide on Evaluating Team Effort
ProFlow Learning Centre, 24 days ago |
Managers depend on the company’s feedback system to help employees perform at their best. But to further motivate employees to achieve maximum produ...
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Effective Ways to Improve Poor Employee Performance
ProFlow Learning Centre, 29 days ago |
The success of an organisation depends on the way its employees perform. However, it can be very hard to define what a high performing team or employe...
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