Recommended Workplace Goal Setting Tools and Apps

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Setting workplace goals is not always easy. Workplace goals must be aligned with the company’s mission, and every employee should be held accountable for them. Without active involvement from the team, workplace goal setting becomes nothing more than a routine. To make things easier for managers, many experts recommend the use of top-rated workplace goal setting tools and apps. 

Workplace Goal Setting Tools and Apps

Managers should help their direct reports in setting and achieving workplace goals. Employees are encouraged to be involved in the goal-setting process, which is known to create great results. To further help them with that task, below are some of the best workplace goal-setting tools that can be used.


This app allows users to track their goals and habits in one place. It helps employees to get organised and track their activities in order to create the perfect daily routine. The app also comes with reminders and charts to help employees perform better.

Strides come with four types of tracker making it quite flexible. The app can easily be customised and used to track habits, targets, projects and averages. The dashboard’s interface makes it easy to set up goals and organise them neatly. 

Strides also comes with trackers, templates, charts and tags to make it easier for users to focus their goals on a daily basis. Aside from creating the ideal daily routine, it also helps users to focus on their present tasks, track their progress and get deeper insights.

The app also comes with features that will help users stay inspired and motivated, thus making behavioural changes possible. It also shows one’s streaks and success rate, as well as help users, celebrate wins and learn from past experiences.   


This app helps employees achieve their workplace goals faster by keeping them on the right track. The software helps users set SMART goals and long-term goals that can be broken down into milestones. All goals created may be organised under the categories that the user has set.

GoalsonTrack works for both professional and personal goals. It allows users to build action plans and take the necessary actions to complete their tasks. All the milestones and action steps related to the goal are neatly laid out on a single page for easy reference.

It’s also possible to add recurring, precise and flexible tasks in the app. Changes to the goals can be done through a simple drag and drop action. Revising the schedule on the calendar is also quite easy. 

The app also offers an autopilot feature that’s ideal for building the right habits, which can also be linked to the goals. Users get to decide how often or how long the habits will be kept. To remove a habit, simple tick it off the tracker.

This app also supports goal visualisation. It is equipped with tools that allow users to create a vision board where they can upload images and sounds to create slideshows. Users can also control the transition, speed, interval and effects of their vision boards.

The app also comes with a built-in journaling tool for those who want to organise their goals and record their daily accomplishments and other small wins. The journal allows users to organise goals according to name or calendar month. Bookmarks can also be used to quickly access important entries.  

GoalsonTrack comes complete with templates that are preloaded with detailed action plans. These are recommended for people who don’t know how or where to start. There are some habits already created for users as well. 

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Habitica is an app that gamifies your goals. This free app promotes productivity while forming good habits. It makes workplace goal-setting feel like a game as it comes complete with in-game punishments and rewards for sheer motivation. The app can also be linked to one’s social network to gain more support.

Habitica comes with habit- and goal-tracking features that help keep employees accountable. The app makes it easier for users to manage and track their daily goals, habits and to-do lists while having fun.

As a true habit-forming gaming app, users get an avatar that levels up whenever they mark a task as complete. Progressing one’s levels unlocks other in-game features such as battle armours, magic skills, quests and mysterious pets.


This intuitive goal setting software makes it easier for employees to create and manage their daily tasks. It’s also useful for managing one’s life, health, education, family, financial and spiritual goals, among others.

Lifetick comes with key features such as reminders, journals and due date reporting, among others. It even guides users towards their next set of goals. This app ensures the inclusion of SMART goals, which leads to higher chances of success.

Tracking is a breeze with the app’s built-in journal for the easy charting of progress. Sharing goals with colleagues is also possible, which is ideal for team collaboration. Aside from co-workers, users may also enlist their friends for support.

Lifetick records the user’s big and small wins through metric tracking. It’s easier to create reports with this app and export data into a CSV file for further analysis.


Weekdone is best for status reporting and goal tracking that makes weekly check-ins and OKRs a straightforward process. With Weekdone, it’s easy to set structured goals and well-aligned tasks. Managers may use this tool to track weekly progress, provide feedback and move teams in the same direction.

Aside from quarterly OKRs and weekly check-ins, Weekdone also offers support for 1:1 meetings, employee recognition and regular reporting. The software sends reports via email or mobile, but managers can always access metrics through the dashboard in real-time.


Workplace goal setting plays a pivotal role in the personal and professional development of employees. It’s crucial for every employee to have clearly defined goals. These tools help employees channel their energy and focus on their tasks. They also encourage them to invest the right amount of effort and take calculated risks.

Managers should create goals that improve their direct report’s skill level, knowledge and capabilities. A manager should constantly monitor how an employee progresses towards the goal and be the first one to recognise his or her efforts. 

Through proper workplace goal setting, it’s easier to provide support to employees that need help. With proper support, employees can then keep their momentum going. All of these things set them up for success. Managers should find the right workplace goal setting tools and apps to get the best possible effect.