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Employee Engagement Tools for Managers
ProFlow Learning Centre, 3 days ago |
Companies are encouraged to implement and use employee engagement tools and strategies to create a positive working environment. Doing so encourages e...
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Effective Time Management Tools
ProFlow Learning Centre, 8 days ago |
Time management means planning, organising and dividing one’s time between different activities. Effective time management means working smarter and...
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Recommended Workplace Goal Setting Tools and Apps
ProFlow Learning Centre, 10 days ago |
Setting workplace goals is not always easy. Workplace goals must be aligned with the company’s mission, and every employee should be held accountabl...
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A Manager’s Checklist of Professional and Personal Goals
ProFlow Learning Centre, 1 month ago |
Employees aren’t the only ones that have to learn and develop. Even managers need to undergo learning and development programs to keep their competi...
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The Importance of Goal Setting in the Workplace
ProFlow Learning Centre, 5 months ago |
Building high-performance teams help increase productivity in the company while also reducing turnover rates. It's important for everyone on the team ...
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How Personal Accountability Affects Employee Performance
ProFlow Learning Centre, 5 months ago |
Personal accountability in the workplace boosts performance and improves existing cultures. Accountable employees tend to take ownership of their perf...
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Five Leadership Lessons from the Trillion Dollar Coach
Harrison Uffindell, 8 months ago | 3 min read
Bill Campbell's Trillion Dollar Coach contains timeless leadership lessons and principles that continue shape the thinking of some of the best leaders...
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