Best Project and Task Management Tools

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Task management is the process of planning and executing tasks. It helps teams in tracking the progress of a project by prioritising, assigning and setting deadlines. The use of project and task management tools will likely lead to the fast and easy completion of projects, especially complicated ones.

Task management tools

Project and Task Management Tools

Breaking down complex projects into smaller tasks oftentimes creates favourable results. Task management tools support team collaboration and coordination. Some of the best project and task management tools are as follows:


Asana helps in keeping teams coordinated, more so if they’re working remotely. It allows teams to organize projects, manage priorities and complete tasks easily. The software lets its users structure and plan tasks in a way that works for them. Deadlines and priorities can be set and shared with other members of the team.

The software helps managers stay right on track and keep team members focused by following the progress of projects. Managers may also create visual project plans to pinpoint risks and eliminate roadblocks.

Asana makes collaboration easier for remote workers with its pre-built templates. It also comes with a CSV importer option for easy addition of project data. The software also comes with other useful features such as inbox, conversations, task comments and status update.

It also integrates other apps into the tool, allowing for seamless project management. Asana works with Slack, Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail and Zoom, among others. Teams can create goals, manage timelines, build portfolios and distribute workload from within the software with ease.

Asana has applications that marketing, operations, sales and product teams will find useful. The software can help with project and workflow management to improve team productivity and agility. Two of its most popular features are the calendar and Kanban boards.


Trello is a simple-to-use Kanban type of board that lists tasks in cards. It works for projects of all sizes and supports collaboration between team members. Users can easily add comments, create checklists, add due dates and upload files in each card.

Users may invite people into their team and add them to cards to assign work or follow tasks. Once added to the board, everyone can see not just the tasks assigned to them, but also the tasks of other members of the team. Moving cards or making changes on the board happens instantly across all devices.

Trello works with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox for file upload purposes. Users can mention other members and the app will notify people if anything of importance happens. Notifications are delivered within the app or through email, mobile push or desktop notifications.

It also comes with a checklist feature that assures users that they won’t miss any item, important task or upcoming deadlines. Such a feature also works with the built-in Trello calendar and iCal.  


Notion makes organising team projects a breeze. Aside from the usual project management tool, the software also makes it easier to add documents and wiki-like information. 

The software intends to bring clarity to the team by combining different applications in one place. Some of the apps that can be integrated into Notion are Slack, Google Suite, Figma, Invision and Typeform, among others.

Notion supports tagging and drag-and-drop functions for fast navigation. Customising boards and adding content on Notion is fairly easy. Teams get to collaborate in real-time by simply leaving a comment or mentioning co-workers. Advanced permissions may also be granted so teams can read and edit documents.

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Basecamp simplifies remote working. The software comes with a message board, to-do list and group chat features. Users may also schedule meetings and do automatic check-ins. It’s also easy to upload documents and files into the software.

Basecamp is a project management tool that helps teams become more productive, organised and efficient as it makes task distribution easier and faster. This tool supports integration with other software such as Zapier,,, Retool, Pleexy, TaskClone and Project Buddy, among others.

With the Hill Chart feature, users know where they’re currently at with the project. The software keeps everybody in the loop, thus reducing the need for frequent meetings. Basecamp is recommended for company owners and executives, managers and individuals. 


Miro helps teams get any type of work done. It’s a whiteboard platform that brings teams together to run meetings, do some brainstorming, create designs, build workflows, make diagrams and formulate strategies.

The whiteboard works like an infinite canvas where managers and team members can collaborate in real-time. The software can be integrated into other tools such as Dropbox, Google Suite, Slack, Sketch and JIRA.

These platforms assure companies of the platform’s enterprise-grade security and compliance protocols. This tool is best used for project management and product design research.

Project and task management           


Task management goes hand in hand with project management. Their success depends greatly on planning, organising, collaboration and delivery. The use of project and task management tools facilitate the faster completion of organisational goals as they give managers full control over the tasks, projects and activities of their respective teams.  

Managers should select the software that’s easy to use and understand. They should find it simple to assign people to a certain task and monitor their progress. They should also choose the one that provides tracking reports and feedback forms.